Hi! I’m Nicholas and I am proudly a native of Garfagnana.
Born in 1994, I became an Environmental Hiking Guide in the spring of 2018.

Last arrived in Wild Trails, and also for this reason called with the name “Guidino” (in italian – little guide), I clearly remember the moment when I decided to turn my passion for the mountain into a profession.

I think that the mountain is a world apart, a reality that must be preserved, lived and appreciated; always when I travel in the woods, traces of paths, ridges and ancient mule tracks, I get lost in the wonder of what surrounds me, as if time stopped, as if we were part of something bigger, as if the journey were already in the head.
Sharing all this with those I accompany is my daily goal; because the path in the end continues to always be a small part of you, but the true beauty lies in reliving it.