I’m Stefano Lera, I was born on 16th November 1991. I’ve been an hiking guide since 2013, in love with the mountains and their inhabitants. Forests, whirling streams, the shy roe deer and thegolden eagle, modern sheperds and ancient wayfarers, all inhabitants of a great universe called mountain.

Inhabitans of a world that have bewitched me inspiring my imagination and enriching my soul since I was a child.

As a child I “saw” elves and knights on the paths down by the majestic beeches and now I love showing these “heart places” to my guests.

I’m fond of local history and for this reason I try to tell the life of the people who have crossed this land along the centuries. Ruins, inscriptions, ancient legends to understand how local people lived on our mountains.

Conveying my love for this land is my real mission and on my path I met other two walkers with the same dream in the their backpacks.

With Daniele and Manuel I created Wild Trails in October 2015 to organise hiking, school trips and holidays to make Garfagnana full of enthusiastic travellers.

We do believe in this job that was born and grows up thanks to a great passion for our mountains. The first is not possible without the second one.