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Some of us were born in these valleys, others have chosen them as their home. Others still arrived here by chance and have been captivated by Garfagnana and its surroundings ever since…

We all share a boundless love for this landscape made up of sharp peaks, mighty ridges, enchanted villages and endless forests.

This is our home. We’ve been working in the area since 2015, getting to know everything from the Apuan Alps to the Apennines, from Garfagnana to Val di Lima.

Through our uniquely customized hiking, trekking and incentive tours, we take you on immersive and transformative adventures.
For school trips, we provide a wide range of educational activities, environmental education workshops and excursions wich everyone can enjoy.

If you want to experience Wild Tuscany, you're in the right place!

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Whether you want to  join or organize daily walks,  trekking or memorable  outdoor experiences, fell free to get in touch.

We want to offer the best service possible accompanied by 100% local qualified tour guides!