High Flavours! Mountains, tastes, discovery

16 January 2023 10:00 - 17:00

A exclusive hike where the mountain joins haute cuisine!


There are experiences that strike the heart and turn a day into an unforgettable adventure! High Flavors is one of them.

We walk along splendid paths immersing ourselves in the nature and history of our mountains. We admire the views and absorb the sounds of the forest.

At lunchtime we arrive at the place where Chef Francesco Piacentini, founder of Wild Cook Lab, awaits us to delight the eyes and palate.
His cuisine was born from the union of innovation, typical products and wild essences collected on site according to the seasons.
The dishes are artfully composed, you will savor the mountain by living a 360°sensory experience.
We have selected splendid places and itineraries to experience this magic from the Apuan Alps to the gentle Apennine ridge, from the Pisan Mountains to the wild Val di Lima.

It will be a wonderful day to immerse yourself in our spectacular nature!


Layered hiking clothing
Mountain boots or trail running shoes
Snack or fruit
Rain / windproof jacket
Water (1,5lt)
Hiking poles


Tailor-made experience. Contact us for all the details!

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photo credit: Stefano Tommasi

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